Commercial Moving System Software

The Only Comprehensive Project Management Software
for the Commercial Moving Industry.

Building on nearly two decades’ expertise developing software for the commercial moving industry, Fox Wyndrum Associates has created the industry’s only comprehensive move project management system.

Designed from the ground up using the newest software technologies, the Commercial Moving System (CMS) offers a web-based, fully-integrated, total project management solution for the commercial moving industry.

Its extensive feature-rich account management, dispatch, billing and payroll functions streamline the entire project life cycle, eliminating redundancies, reducing error, expediting processing, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Commercial Moving System Screenshot

Commercial Moving System Screenshot Bottom

Handling simple single-man work orders to multi-crew, multi-day, multi-location moves, CMS is a robust, browser-based application that delivers powerful, flexible project management tools across your commercial move operations.


  • Real-time color-coded large-screen
    scheduling dashboard for dispatching
    employees and vans and managing
    warehouse tasks and equipment requirements
  • Summary board view concisely displays
    employees/trucks assigned, identifying
    shortages and overlaps
  • Employee assignment board manages
    and documents union (where applicable) and extras work rules
  • Weekend sheet view shows snapshot of
    overnight and weekend work
  • Employee assignment calendar manages
    employee notifications for the week
  • Generates Bills of Lading, Warehouse Tickets,
    Material Requirement Forms and
    Subcontractor Purchase Order documentation
  • Mobile-device notification capability


  • Union Assessment (where applicable), Pension and Welfare, and Work Class Analysis reports
  • Material Requirements Matrix
  • Project Status and Billing Preview Reports
  • Ad-hoc reporting for Work Orders, Projects,
    Invoices and Payroll


  • User logins controlled by System Admin
  • Pre-defined user groups for Account
    Management, Dispatch, Billing, Payroll,
    Administration and Management personnel
  • View/edit permissions by user group


  • Fully integrated billing with labor, equipment
    and materials usage as assigned by Dispatch
  • Progressive billing for ongoing jobs
  • Customizable invoice format
  • Export capability to third-party accounting
    and general ledger software
  • PDF-formatted invoices for fax, email or
    hardcopy distribution


  • Unlimited customer contacts and locations
  • Tariff and customer-specific rates for labor,
    van and equipment
  • Unlimited Bills of Lading, Warehouse Tickets,
    Materials Requests and Subcontractor Orders
  • Total project visibility across all work orders
    from creation through billing


  • Dashboard view shows projects at a glance,
    including work status and billing to date
  • Work in Progress and Profitability Analysis
  • Customizable invoice format
  • Ad-hoc customer, project, billing and
    profitability reporting

Coming Moving System Dispatch Screen

The Dispatch Manager lets users view all active jobs to assign
labor and van requirements on a single scheduling board.


  • Union-compliant (where applicable) employee classifications and seniority rules
  • Unlimited employee roster
  • Payroll entries automatically consolidated from
    labor detail with union (where applicable) rules applied
  • Daily/Weekly Payroll Summary & Detail Reports
  • Export capability for third-party payroll


  • Browser-based interface runs on any Internet
    capable device with no special software
  • State-of-the-art Microsoft SQL database
  • Intranet configuration option runs with
    in-house web and database server
  • Internet configuration option run over
    Internet with third-party Hosted server
  • Mobile device capable

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